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The Maryland- Delaware Chapter of The Wildlife Society began in 1977 initially as only the Maryland Chapter. In 1986, wildlife biologists working in Delaware asked to form a joint chapter. 

Today there are more than 80 members consisting of state, federal, county, university, and private conservation organization employees or retirees. Meetings are held bi-annually in the Spring and Fall. Locations rotate between the two states. Both professional and student presentations along with a business meeting are held at the meeting.


The Executive Board consists of a President, President-elect, Vice President, Past President, and a Secretary, Treasurer, and Member-at-large from each state. Along with the Board Members, there are 10 committees (Environmental Legislative Review, Newsletter, Resolutions and Public Statements, Education & Information, Membership, Student Affairs, Awards, Archives, and Teaming with Wildlife) each chaired by an appointed member.


The MD-DE Chapter deals with a wide range of wildlife topics but tends to focus on state level conservation issues. Recent position papers have dealt specifically with mute swans, black bear hunting seasons, nutria, and fox pens. The Chapter also supports public outreach efforts to help educate the general public about wildlife efforts.


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